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Rebel Diablo Custom Works2

Tanadit Design,Thailand
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Tanadit Design,Thailand

Sophisticated Industrial Designer

Tanadit is known for his unique design concepts and the sophistication and perfection of his designs, and he is one of the hottest industrial designers of our time. Its presence, personality and overwhelming support at every motor show has made it a regular award winner. In Japan, we have produced the popular Rebel Diablo Custom Works series, Royal Enfield, BMW, YAMAHA and many more.
The beauty of Tanadit's designs comes from their simplicity and lack of waste, which I think is the reason why they have such a strong Japanese following. I think it's even more often said that it's beautiful from any angle, that is, the harmonicity of the overall balance.
Carving out the clay model yourself and checking it in the palm of your hand is a work of art.
We are very happy to introduce Mr. Tanadit's work to Japan.
And you can actually touch the work.


Product Information

Tanadit, the next generation of industrial designers
The work of the company has a high degree of personality and design perfection.
"It's beautiful from every angle."
Come and experience Tanadit's work.

Rebel Diablo Custom

When TANADIT DESIGN customizes it, it changes so much!
TANADIT's masterpiece. Feel the beauty and balance of the piece.


2020 NEW MODEL A commercialization model reminiscent of the storm model that became the topic. In response to your request, here it is at last!

It's in stock now! It's available for immediate delivery!

The TOKYO STREET is a masterpiece of TANADIT DESIGN that was introduced at the Honda booth at the 2018 motor show and became the talk of the world.


The bright turquoise color of the 2020 CUSTOM CUB will be the center of attention for the coming season. That's Tanadit's message for this summer!


Neither cross nor hunter, the scrambler TANADIT DESIGN brings you the JUNGLE CUB


MONKY Custom

Monkey's custom is here.


The two-cylinder model is now available in Japan, and the Royal Enfield Café Racer Custom is the K-SPEED!

BMW Custom 

The BMW Cafe Racer model is also a popular product in K-SPEED
We bring you sophisticated custom bike parts.
It's being prepared.



Meet the adventurer GARU CHAN


Depot Showroom in Sugata, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama
(Starting in June) Now by appointment only.
You can touch the actual MotoBike.




Introduction of K-SPEED



Opened as a depot and showroom in DUPE in Sugata, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama City.
The Asian-inspired store provides a fun and wonderful space.
Try out TANADIT DESIGN in person.
Business hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed: Monday
We may ask you to take some time off for various events.
Please check it out during your visit.

SIAM STREET TOKYO STREET Reservation Now Available

Completed vehicles will be sold starting in 2020.
Vehicles available for delivery from May will be unloaded at the end of April.
We are now accepting reservations!


JOINTS has been postponed. After change→September 20
With the cooperation of GT-AXEL, an official distributor in Shizuoka
With Rebel Diablo Custom Works2
SIAM STREET-B is scheduled to be exhibited.

Started sales in Taiwan.

Start of sales in Taiwan
We can offer K-SPEED products. beginning and end of revision
K-SPEED TAIWAN Official Agent Yuma Zhou
1F, No.31 Zhong Shan Road, Feng Shan District, Kaohsiung City
Contact person: Houhan Wu

About Custom Bikes

A custom bike is a modified vehicle. This product is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
We do not guarantee the safety of our products at all, although we meet safety standards and other requirements. This is a bike that is designed to be as much the same as possible on show models, etc., and it is the buyer's own responsibility to ride it on public roads. Please be aware of the above conditions before purchasing. (As stated on 2019.06)

Notes on wheel covers

When installing the wheel cover, it is susceptible to crosswind. We ask that you fully understand the effect of crosswind caused by the installation of the wheel cover before purchasing. If you are driving at high speeds or in areas where there are many gusts of wind, please consider whether or not to install the system after understanding the dangers and driving characteristics.

Notes on ABS

On newer vehicles (vehicles with ABS function), ABS may not function properly if a different tire is installed than the standard one. Please be aware that when changing tires, the ABS function may be affected.

Products purchased from parallel imports, etc.

We do not respond to inquiries about defective products, scratches, and installation of products purchased from other than the official sales. Returns and initial defects are not covered. Please contact the company where you purchased the product.


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