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"Feeling change motorcycle




Jungle Cub


TOKYO Series
TOKYO series
"TOKYO STREET"740,000 yen (excluding tax)
780,000 yen (excluding tax)
"Jungle Cub"
820,000 yen (excluding tax)
We propose a new city vehicle.
 It fluctuates due to exchange rate fluctuation.

Some parts have been changed from previous show models etc. in order to meet the safety standards in Japan. Common to 3 car models

Tanadit Design

In order to further evolve the image of the Cub so far in 2018 and to propose a new concept, Thai-Honda asked for Mr. Tanadit (Tanadit), who is known for its sophisticated Industrial Designer, and that request The work in response to is "TOKYO STREET".
The Cub, which is the world's largest production number and dusted as a practical vehicle, has a 60-year history without changing its basic design, and is a legendary motorcycle world motorcycle.
Mr. Tanaditt simply reconstructs the image from the practicality and functionality as a city vehicle, more specifically the design as JAPAN STYLE, which is the origin of the design originally possessed by Cubs, rather than simply extending the design concept with a conventional custom Cub. It started from the work to do.
Selected as a motif, with the aim of Bobber style, utilizing the characteristic cubline of the original design while making it stylish, the whole is suppressed with a monotone, and it is a Japanese aesthetic sense that leads to "ZEN" This work, full of beauty, was born out of simplicity, and was received by various media and received a lot of awards and received a lot of echoes. However, while commercialization was desired, it was a phantom model that can not see the real thing as a concept model.
With the commercialization, we have enhanced the texture, reviewed various parts, and pursued a texture that satisfied the durability and the discerning user. Good-size, high-performance and durable engine, eco-friendly performance Tanadit's design Bike is an adult City Vehicle.
Above all, in this Japan, I am glad to be marketed ahead of the world and to touch Tanadit's work.
Serial Number

The work of Mr. Tanadito to be sold this time has a brass signed serial number plate. (The order of contract for each car model * The number can not be selected.)

How to buy

1. Entry from Purchase Form
2. Contact from the builder (check payment method · delivery time · method)
3. It will be officially ordered after payment is confirmed. We ask for a written consent form for your custom bike at the time of purchase. We will prepare bank transfer and installment (loan).
4. Please note that you can not cancel after payment.
5. Primary recruitment will be offered only for finished vehicles, and vehicles brought in etc. will be available after secondary recruitment. Also, please be aware that you may receive time for assembly depending on the order time.
6. Delivery period · Delivery condition
We have been waiting for approximately 2 months to 3 months for delivery from the condition you are ordering now. The progress will be reported one after another.
If you are able to return home by yourself, fax the registration certificate in advance → Customers are registered at each municipal office and delivered to the store.
For vehicle transportation, arrange your own or a motorcycle carrier. National shipping possible


Note: Builders will only respond after purchase order (Purchaser support, assembly schedule, etc.).
If you have any questions regarding K-SPEED products, please contact Bamboo Hornet, an authorized K-SPEED distributor.
For inquiries regarding products, please use the form below.

Recruiting agencies
Under recruitment of K-SPEED (builder) agency

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. Is it possible to sell parts?
A: Parts are not sold.
Q2. Is it possible to change custom specifications?
A: It is not possible. It will be provided only the shape and color specified by the designer.
Q3. Supported models of base cars
A: Super Cub 110 (110 cc displacement) 2BJ-JA44
(Consultation required for 50cc 2BH-AA09) No other car models
Q4.Carry-on processing
A: We will consider it after the secondary offering. Currently unavailable
Q5. Overseas delivery
A: We will respond as much as possible. Please contact us.
Q6. Is a loan possible?
A: Yes it is possible
Q7. I want to see a car, I want to try it.
A: I will go out if it is near Kanto. If you are not Kanto, please ask at various events.
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Tokyo Street Custom Report
The attraction of Tokyo Street
Fishing starts in the salmon and ends in the salmon.
When I was a child, I learned about the joy of fishing in the boat, and I became an adult, and I went fishing from a boat to a boat or a mountain stream and moved away from the boat. However, as they get older, they re-acknowledge the appeal of rustic salmon fishing in the later years. It is an old saying.

TOKYO STREET has the charm of origin return that leads to such a trap.
I want you to feel the exhilaration and engine pulsing that I felt on my bike for the first time again.
If you enjoy enjoying the rich scenery of Japan in the eyes of a cub, or run on TOKYO STREET, it will be a journey.


Introduction of K-SPEED
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High design has a reputation.
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Shipping cost
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We calculate by the most reasonable shipping method by size and weight.
Japanese staff will deliver after inspection in Thailand.
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Featured Products
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