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Tanadit Design

Tanadit Design
Known as a sleek industrial designer, Tanadit is well known for his various design bikes. The motif that I chose this time is a Honda Reveal, and that it is possible to change the motorcycle of high completion originally well up to here can only be said that it is a style.
The most noteworthy feature is the ease of installation based on the reassembly of exterior parts. Each of the parts creates a good balance between the curvaceousness and unity of Tanadit's style.
The Rebel Diablo Custom Works2 is not just for Rebel users. I'm sure that many users will want to get their hands on this finished product. Please come and touch Tanadit's work.

Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.




Finished vehicles are available from the official distributors listed below.




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