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//Tokyo street Custom Report

2019.2.14 ベース車になったスーパーカブは、タイのロータスの様に美しい色のカブでした。まあ色は塗り替えられることにはなるのですが、カスタムカブのプロセスを定期的に報告したいと思います。

2019.2.14 The Super Cub, which became a base car, was a cub with a beautiful color like Lotus in Thailand. Well, the colors will be repainted, but I would like to regularly report on the custom cub process.


The first aircraft is landing in Japan. The demonstration car was manufactured in Thailand, but the actual sales car will be made in Japan for licensed production.

Tanadit Design TOKYO STREET
Tanadit Design TOKYO STREET
Finally, the first commercialized model is completed.
This will join each event. Please feel free to call us as we will have a test ride party!

Tanadit Design TOKYO STREET 
Tanadit Design TOKYO STREET
Now we have a shape. Currently painting. I look forward to completion! !

The tires were attached and it became like Bobber.
It seems to start running even this way! !

It's fat! ! There is a sense of volume After all! !
After all, it is this feeling if you use Bobber style

Tires and handles have been removed in no time!

What became the base car this time is a beautiful cub like a lotus blooming in Thailand. Although it is slight that this figure can be seen, custom start now!